Abroad Addresses! (Send me stuff, yo)

If anyone is interested in sending me anything while I am overseas, here are a list of addresses of the places I am staying and the dates  I will be there. Any gaps in time that you see are when we will be on excursions and won’t be able to receive mail.

When writing to a person on this program, the envelope should be addressed in the normal way except that the name of the country should always be in a separate line.  Example:

Jane or John Doe
Ataturk Enstitusu
Bogazici University
80815 Bebek, Istanbul

In the lower left corner of the envelope should be written:  “St. Olaf Program.”

Note that airmail is the only acceptable way.  You should allow a minimum of ten days for a letter to reach an address.  It is not a problem if a letter gets to its destination ahead of the group.  It will always be waiting for the addressee.

NOTE:  Receiving packages in Egypt is EXTREMELY problematic – avoid sending packages to Egypt.

Airmail postage is $1.05 per ounce.

In the following listing, the first date is the date of arrival, the last is the date of departure.  In most cases, mail is not delivered on Sundays.

August 27-September 18
Group stays at Superdorm on Bogazici University Campus
Tel: 011-90-212-359-7700
Fax: 011-90-212-257-8903

Mail should be addressed to:
Student name
Ataturk Enstitusu
Bogazici University
80815 Bebek, Istanbul

October 1-October 29
Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF)
P.O. Box 2136, Villa Nouvelle
Fez 30000

Tel : 011-212-35 62 48 50
Fax : 011-212-35 93 16 08

November 7-December 13
Zamalek Residence
16 Mohamed Thakeb Street
Zamalek, Cairo

Tel: 011-20-227397040


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