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Through our many forays into the culinary world of Cairo, we as a group discovered the wonderful dish of koshery. Warm, filling, and cheap, it quickly became the meal of choice for our group. I like to think of it as Egypt’s answer to comfort food – here, comfort food is mac ‘n’ cheese or alfredo; in Egypt, comfort food is koshery. It’s that good.

Koshery consists of lentils, noodles in various shapes, rice, chickpeas, crunchy fried onions, and tomato sauce. A vinegar-y sauce and a hot sauce are typically served on the side with koshery. My favorite place to get koshery was at a restaurant called Cairo Kitchen on Zamalek, where you could wash down your koshery with ice cold glasses of coconut milk and finish with a bowl of rice pudding. Delicious!