As you already know, I’ve been home from my great TIME adventure for two weeks. And it has been an interesting two weeks. Not because I’ve been doing anything cool (I’ve mostly been lounging around in my pajamas), but because I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my trip. While I miss it terribly, and miss the great sense of adventure I had every day on the trip, and miss the people from TIME, I know that I will see my TIME friends soon back at St. Olaf and that there will be another adventure some day, maybe closer than I think. I truly had the TIME (haha) of my life on this trip and cannot be more grateful to the people that made it possible.

A word on the blog: I haven’t decided if I want to keep blogging or not – stay tuned for forthcoming news on that!

Thank you for your support throughout this whole journey, I hope you enjoyed reading stories of my time on TIME.