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BONUS: two weeks for the price of one! I decided to combine weeks 2 & 3 because of the fact that I was sick for a few days and ate next to nothing.

These past two weeks have proved interesting on the food front. Here’s what’s transpired…
1. I got really really sick of Turkish food. The first couple of photos are testament to this.
2. My body/stomach finally realized I wasn’t in Minnesota anymore. If my stomach could have talked, it would have said: “La di da, hmmm geez you sure are eating a lot of potatoes and rice lately, and also lamb, whats up with that? That’s different…..wait….whaa…..WHERE THE HECK ARE WE THIS IS NOT WHAT I’M USED TO.” As you can imagine, rebellion ensued and I got sick. To much information? Nah, we’re all friends here.
3. I noticed that thanks to an increased volume of carbohydrates ingested, my body now craves carbs all the time. Hence the few nights I had pasta.
4. I really just want some vegetables right now. Who wants to send me some? (Actually, don’t. Getting packages in Turkey is a real pain in the rear. To be explained.)

Day 8

A turkey and cheese sandwich, strawberry Activia, and pistachio candies go well with very dry, long readings for class. Fun fact: in Turkish, ‘turkey’ is called ‘hindi’, because the Turks thought turkey came from India. And Indians called it ‘turkey’, because they thought it came from Turkey. Bonus fun fact: I am 99% sure that vanilla yogurt is not a thing here. It’s all fruit flavored or plain.

Day 9

Fettucine with three kinds of mushrooms. I told you I was craving carbs.

Day 10

Sick of Turkish food = order onion rings for dinner. The menu listed them as “onion circles” and mentioned nothing about the french fries being included. Not my proudest moment, but they were pretty good.

Day 11

I would put the caption for this as ‘BLEH’ and leave it at that, but I’ll explain for your benefit. This is manti, a traditional Turkish dish. I ordered it so I could experience some authentic Turkish food. They’re meat dumplings in a yogurt sauce with weird spices and oil. I really did not enjoy this at all. This dish is what tipped my stomach off to the fact that I was in Istanbul. Darn manti.

Day 12

Borek! Borek is so delicious – either meat, cheese, spinach, or potato in flaky phyllo dough. So good.

Day 13

Another proud moment – a blurry bowl of muesli and plain yogurt. Dinner of champs, or college students low on lira.

Day 15

Skipped a day, whoops? Rice with almonds, salad, bread, and beef with mushrooms. This dinner was especially great and not just because the food was yummy. Binnaz, who taught us Turkish and about Turkish politics, invited us over to her daughter’s apartment in Taksim for dinner. It was so nice to be in someone’s home (and a beautiful home at that!) instead of at a restaurant. It was a welcome break.

Days 16 & 17

Sick. Ate weird crackers.

Day 18

This is pide, which is Turkish pizza. My pide had lamb, cheese, tomatoes, and green pepper – my first real meal after being sick and it tasted delicious!

Day 19

A Magnum bar after visiting the Istanbul Modern Art museum. Yes, this was part of my dinner. The other half was…

…a blurry Tommy Hilfiger cupcake. A friend and I went to istanbul’s Fashion’s Night Out! at a huge mall fairly close to the Superdorm. Fashion’s Night Out! happens in a handful of major cities every fall – stores stay open late into the evening so shoppers can browse. There were tons of events going on in the mall – chances to get your makeup done, photo ops, DJ’d parties in stores, etc. Some stores were even handing out food to shoppers. We went into Tommy Hilfiger solely for the cupcakes, walked around pretending to look at sweaters and polos, and then left.

Day 20

Even more pasta! A group of us went to a restaurant called Wonderland, which we affectionately refer to as ‘Turkins’, as in the Turkish Perkins. Everything you’d expect from a Perkins, but in Turkey.

Day 21

A ‘Mixed Wrap’ with steak, chicken, and veggies, guac, and fries. All the girls in the group, including Mark’s wife Meredith, went out to dinner in Bebek. This restaurant had great food and a fun atmosphere – think if Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie had a baby and it turned out to be a restaurant. Our table overlooked the Bosphorus and was right next to the Bosphorus Bridge. Oh and there’s a strawberry mojito in this picture too. I promise it was non-alcoholic. Really.