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After leaving the Fatih Camii (did you read part I?) we meandered around the neighborhoods trying to find our bus stop again. We ended up wandering right up to the Valens Aqueduct, the second oldest aqueduct ever (built in 368 AD)!

Guys, this thing is old as dirt.

Then by another accidental circumstance (meaning that we took the bus too far and had to backtrack), we saw the old city walls of Constantinople.

After trekking up and down roads and asking people where to go (Kariye Muzesi nerede? = Where is the Chora Church/Museum?) we finally made it to the Chora Church. A Christian church in the Byzantine era, it was turned into a mosque and whitewashed during the Ottoman Empire. Around 75 years ago, beautiful Christian mosaics were discovered under the whitewashed walls, and after the church was (mostly) restored, it was turned into a museum. 

-outside the church

-aaaand inside!

Cool huh? It was breathtaking. Such beautiful and meticulously crafted mosaics!