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This past Sunday, two other girls and I set out on an adventure. Our aim was to navigate up the Golden Horn to see the Fatih Camii and the Chora church. Thanks to Rick Steve’s Istanbul, our bus passes, and a little bit of perseverance, we found our way there and had a great time in the process!

Our first stop was the Fatih Camii, or the Faith Mosque. It’s named after Fatih Sultan Mehmed, the Ottoman sultan who captured Constantinople in 1453. There was almost no one there and the mosque was peacefully quite. We stood in awe for a long time at its immense beauty. So cool!

I was rockin’ what I like to call the “Safari Jane” look that day. Very chic for fall (not).

Inside, we discovered that my outfit perfectly matched the red carpet and stone walls. What can I say, I’m prepared to be camouflaged wherever I go.

More pictures of the Fatih Camii…

-one of the minarets

-KITTY (alright, this one isn’t exactly of the Fatih Camii)

-here comes the sun, doo doo deedoo

-beautiful detailing

-fountain for washing one’s feet and hands before prayer

-in the mosque’s courtyard

Right outside the Fatih Camii is a graveyard, and in that graveyard is a small building that holds the coffin of Sultan Mehmed himself. His coffin was draped in ornate green cloth and boxed in by plexiglass. Over it was a huge chandelier, and the room sparkled with light. There were only a few other people in the room and all of them were sitting cross-legged studying the Qu’ran. It was completely silent except for one of them who was chanting. It was truly an unforgettable experience – I didn’t take any pictures because it just felt so wrong to do so.

Sunday Adventures, part II coming…….NOW!