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This past week has been pretty chill- the days have been filled with class and the nights have consisted of discovering new places to eat or wandering around the neighborhood near the Superdorm. Here are a few snapshots from this week (technically the past 12 days, if we’re being picky).

– a sleepy stray

-men praying in the Blue Mosque

-delicious cookies with nutella inside

-mosaic of Jesus in the Hagia Sophia

-spice market in the Grand Bazaar

-a moody mosque

-treasures from the Grand Bazaar, a pashmina and a few dainty bracelets

-a delicious fizzy lemon drink with dinner

-view from my dorm window

-a simit as big as my face

-baklava….the best!

-swimming in the Black Sea. I’m the one in the black suit in the middle. Taken by the lovely Katrina and originally posted on our group blog. If you haven’t already done so, you should check it out HERE!