It is OFFICIAL. I have a blog. A blog complete with its own URL and schtuff. A bloggity blog blog.

So why make a blog?

1. I am traveling across the pond in a few short weeks for a whole semester and think that you just may want to follow my fabulous adventures. Yes? Yes. You do. I hope to write about my travels in an interesting and refreshing manner, so don’t expect one post a week with a fifteen-paragraph update on my adventures. Barring poor internet access, I am hoping to blog daily a few times a week, complete with pictures. IN COLOR.

2. I have a serious obsession with blogs, particularly fashion blogs (favorite blogs list/tab to comeโ€“I am a WordPress newb). While I am starting this mainly as a travel blog to inform my friends and kin that I am indeed surviving and thriving in the 100+ degree climates of Turkey, Morocco, and Egypt, I hope to continue blogging after my return. Your continued support is appreciated!

And why “The Katie Khronicles”?

1. It makes me sound like a secret agent. What’s cooler than that?

2. I love a purposeful misspelling.

3. My dad suggested it (or something like it).

Fancy stuff is in store folks, I hope you have your seat belts fastened!